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Since starting The Grateful Beginning, Live Breidablik has impacted and inspired people to choose growth, remove limitations and dream bigger. She shares openly and honestly about her own story, teaching her clients how to find the flow and choose the effortless way towards results. Live's teachings are built on the foundation of "the feeling and the energy of what you want", leading to inevitable success. She leads with trust and intuition, teaching others to truly embody the energy of wealth and love.

She has been a guest at several events and workshops, appeared on global podcasts, launched online programs, delivered masterclasses and events - all while continuously serving and inspiring her audience to upgrade their mindset and change how they view themselves and their own potential.

With her strong, caring character and heart for others, Live is helping people understand themselves and their results better and develop commitment and trust in themselves.

Founder of The Grateful Beginning


"To have Live as my mentor has been a game changer for me. She sees you and she really listens to you, and help you get to the next level."

Kristin Breivik


"I’ve been doing this work for years and she’s still helping to expand my consciousness in ways that I can incorporate into my every day life."

Jennifer Tini



“Bill helped me create an attainable financial plan that is already changing my life.” 



“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”



“Bill is the secret sauce to my recent financial gains. I can’t thank him enough.” 

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