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Live Breidablik 

I’m Live, and my great passion is helping you change how you see yourself, so you can achieve your biggest desires!

My purpose is to guide you to see your infinite potential, overcome anxiety and live a life you truly want. I'm excited to work with you!

Founder of The Grateful Beginning

To experience something new, you must do something different!


Your starting point

Everything starts in your mind. To create changes and  transforming your life, you must take responsibility for where you are begin to look forward instead of backwards.

Trust the process

You are ready for a new life, but are you ready to do the work?You will create new habits, learn new ways to think, and create a new image of yourself, helping you forward in everything you do.

Experience Results

The best part about developing your mindset and achieving your goals, is who you become in the process. The awareness you gain can never be taken from you, as you keep developing resilience, confidence and commitment.

What can you expect from The Elite Mastermind Membership?

Join our Elite Mastermind Membership to elevate and accelerate your results, by leveraging the power of the mastermind. Inside the membership you'll get:

Study & Mastermind Call

The Monday calls are here to set you up for the week ahead, with study materials, intentions and guidance for your daily and weekly actions.

Monthly Masterclass

Every month we deliver a masterclass where we go deeper into a set topic. These are chosen specifically for you to speed up your process and growth.

Monthly Visualisation

Visualisation or visioneering will be part of your daily routine, and every month you get a new visualisation recording to develop your mental muscles.

High Performance Mentors

The membership is created by two high performance mentors. You get access to them every week, and are able to ask questions and receive guidance.

Member Community

Surround yourself with people choosing growth, who lifts you up and cheers you on. Our 24/7 membership community is a place to connect & inspire.

Membership means unlimited access

Do you want to dive into previous topics or visualisations? Sign up for the membership, and enjoy unlimited materials and teachings. Any masterclass, any time, you’ll get access to them all!

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"After the 2nd session I felt out of this world, I was back to myself and people could see it in me, I was glowing and loved it!"


"Your positive, inspiring, supportive and encouraging ways have had a huge impact on me."


"My favorite part of the course is the incredible journal prompts that you provided."

John Block

"I've always dreaded the gym, but I look forward to every one of Kim's classes."

Bridget Blue

"I was worried I wouldn't get a great workout, but I can feel the burn!"

Angie Birman

"I never thought getting fit could be so fun! Kim is great at what she does."

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Are you ready to get free from anxiety, upgrade your mindset and change the image you hold of yourself?

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Have fun and get fit, even if the gym isn't your thing 


You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast to come groove with us. Kim Fit is all about getting your body moving, not having perfect form. Join me to let loose, learn some new moves, and live fit. 

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