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If you are willing to give up your current state of being... I can take you to your next level!

"You can't rearrange the furniture inside a home you haven't yet moved into. Move into the outcome of your goal!" - Live Breidablik

NEXT LEVEL EMBODIED is created on the foundation on becoming the version of yourself who believes, deserves and accepts their outcome as true - and stays focused on it until it shows up in physical form.

MOVE INTO your next level... and have fun in the process!

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Next Level Embodied will provide you with a step-by-step process to the success & fulfillment you dream of, so you can spend time with the people you care about. Love who you are, what you do, and how you do it!
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First, read this disclaimer...

Your results will depend on different factors… including your willingness to give up where you are, hold yourself to a high standard, stay focused on the process and take aligned action. If you are not willing to do so, then this coaching program may not be for you.

If you ARE WILLING TO MOVE INTO YOUR NEW LEVEL, let’s get you started in Next Level Embodied!

Next Level Embodied,
The Program:

Next Level Embodied is a 6 month group coaching program that helps you achieve your goals. This program is built on universal principles, but unique in its teachings and specific delivery.

As an Embodiment Expert and Personal Growth Mentor, I know how to work with the intellectual and energetic side of spiritual and human potential, with particular focus on energetic identity building.

What you can expect from with me is to have someone to guide you and challenge your priorities, to bring your goal into physical form.

I will walk with you as you build new beliefs and master the art of aligned actions, so that you get the results you want.

Next Level Embodied,
The Expansion Experience:

Next Level Embodied: The Expansion Experience is the opportunity to work with Live Breidablik privately, on top of studying the teachings of the program.

Having a personal mentor in this process will increase your effectiveness, and expand your awareness by discussing your individual goal and actions on a weekly basis.

You can expect a high level of accountability and commitment, as well as fast momentum through quick execution.

The Expansion Experience is for individuals who hold themselves to a high personal standard and seek extraordinary results.

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when we work together:

  • You feel in control of your journey
  • You have a clear goal and vision, and a step- by-step system to get there
  • You accept that you belong on the level of your vision
  • You feel confident in your own ability to create and achieve
  • You make more money
  • You make more impact
  • You are present with the people you love
  • You break your own assumed limitations
  • You become a match for your desire
  • Creation becomes an easy flow
  • People around you is influenced by your new personal standard and appreciation mindset  
  • You have accountability and community - You have someone to guide you on your journey
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Quantum Calls

As you complete the first 3 months of the program, you will now get access to our additional quantum group calls. This is where you learn to go deeper into feelings, frequencies, & energy - and how to shift your reality by changing your quantum position.


NEXT LEVEL EMBODIED is built on universal principles used by millions of people changing their lives, taught by teachers such as Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Wattles D.Wattles, Neville Goddard & Bob Proctor. 

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Next Level Embodied includes:

 6 month Coaching Program

  • Preview week & private welcome call
  • Weekly group coaching LIVE with Live Breidablik
  • Weekly *Hot Seat* embodiment sessions LIVE with Live Breidablik
  • The Morning Routine: Belief Building
  • Lifetime access to the Next Level Embodied materials
  • Client Portal with access to recordings and other valuable information 
  • Private Members-Only Facebook Community
  • Transformational resources and materials unique to this program.
  • Accountability and personal guidance throughout the whole program.
  • The Next Level Mastermind* months 5 & 6


+ The Expansion Experience

  • Private mentorship calls
  • Weekly guidance on goal progression
  • Includes Next Level Embodied
  • Includes The Next Level Mastermind months 5 & 6

After you invest in yourself, you will receive:

  1.  A welcome email with next steps, which includes joining our private members-only Facebook community and what to expect as you embark on this experience.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with immediate access to your digital teachings, and your login information for the online membership portal.
  3. You'll be invited to a private onboarding call with Live Breidablik
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Choose your investment of choice

Next Level Embodied: Full Investment

€8.500,00 EUR
Next Level Embodied

6 monthly payments of €1.616,00 EUR
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Since starting The Grateful Beginning, Live Breidablik has impacted and inspired people to choose growth, remove limitations and dream bigger. She shares openly and honestly about her own story, teaching her clients how to find the flow and choose the effortless way towards results. Live's teachings are built on the foundation of "the feeling and the energy of what you want", leading to inevitable success. She leads with trust and intuition, teaching others to truly embody the energy of wealth and love.

She has been a guest at several events and workshops, appeared on global podcasts, launched online programs, delivered masterclasses and events - all while continuously serving and inspiring her audience to upgrade their mindset and change how they view themselves and their own potential.

With her strong, caring character and heart for others, Live is helping
people understand themselves and their results better and develop commitment and trust in themselves.