Since starting The Grateful Beginning in January 2021, Live Breidablik has impacted and inspired people to choose growth and dream bigger, teaching through her own story how to overcome anxiety. She has been a guest on several events and workshops, appeared on global podcasts, launched an online program, co-founded Happy Grateful Academy, delivering masterclasses and events, co-founded the high performance membership 'The Elite Mastermind Membership' - all while continuously serving and inspiring her audience to upgrade their mindset and change how they view themselves and their own potential.

With her strong, caring character and heart for others, Live is helping people understand how to view anxiety in a way that lets them overcome it, understand themselves better and develop commitment and faith in themselves.

Through her own experiences and search for answers, Live discovered she could help far more people on a high level, by creating a global company, passionate to deliver information and quality teachings, and after months of planning and developing she founded her company "The Grateful Beginning".


Actually, I never planned to start a business. But I always felt I was supposed to do something bigger than myself. Life just happened to give me a few challenges that I had to figure out along the way. Once I found the solutions I was looking for, and experienced my own incredible transformation, I asked myself "How in the what, did I not know this sooner?" I couldn't possibly be the only one who needed to learn these steps and solutions!

I had hit rock bottom in the beginning of my 20s. I struggled being the strong, ambitious girl, and at the same time being filled with pain and insecurity on the inside. I eventually ended up spending weeks in the hospital, with no will to live and no belief in myself. I slowly realised fake smiles and poker faces would not do it for me.


IT, meaning going after my big goals, while swallowed by anxiety.

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Anxiety doesn't mean you're broken. Your potential is still there. And I know you still have the dreams.

But you need to change your inner programming in order to reach them.

Which brings me to you. Throughout my journey, I found A TON of answers therapy had not been able to give me. Honestly, it would be selfish not to share them with you. I decided to turn my knowledge into my own framework. Today The Grateful Beginning offers online education to help you overcome your obstacles. When you get rid of your doubts and anxiety, you'll be able to confidently walk into any room you want to.


How could you expect to reach your goals, if you're held back by peoples opinions?

I'm here to help you get out of your own way. To re-build the image you hold of yourself. Hey, I get it. I'm just like you. You have ambition, and courage. And you have your own personality and unique gifts and talents. I'm merely giving you the steps and resources, so you can take up as much space as you’d like, and be who you want to be.

"By telling you my story and teach you what I know, my hope is The Grateful Beginning can be part of your survival guide".


1. My favorite piece to wear: red lipstick!
2. Every neighbour I've ever had, have listened to me belt out songs in the kitchen.
3. I prefer a nice meal at home (although I like a night out with my girlfriends).
4. I'm opinionated, but I don't throw them around like I'm feeding birds.
5. I'd choose compassion & kindness over sexy, ANY day of the week!


How to show up for yourself, and make your dreams come alive!


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After years of battling anxiety, not feeling good enough, Live struggled to balance the two: being ambitious and expecting greatness for her life, while at the same time being filled with pain and insecurity on the inside. After hitting rock bottom in the beginning of her twenties, she slowly realised fake smiles and poker faces would not do it for her.


It, meaning going after big goals, while swallowed by anxiety.

Live took matters into her own hands and began searching for solutions and answers within personal development, which therapy hadn't been able to give her. She needed to change her thinking. The more she studied the more she understood herself. Her self image and perception of herself changed dramatically.

Never planning to start a business, Live now found herself in a position where she had experienced such transformation and found answers that she simply couldn't keep to herself. With questions like "How did I not know this sooner? I cannot possibly be the only one who needs this...", she decided to teach and started her company The Grateful Beginning.

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