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Are you ready to get free from anxiety, upgrade your mindset and change the image you hold of yourself?

Since starting The Grateful Beginning in January 2021, Live Breidablik has impacted and inspired people to choose growth and dream bigger, teaching through her own story how to overcome anxiety. She has been a guest on several events and workshops, appeared on global podcasts, launched an online program, co-founded Happy Grateful Academy, delivering masterclasses and events, co-founded the high performance membership 'The Elite Mastermind Membership' - all while continuously serving and inspiring her audience to upgrade their mindset and change how they view themselves and their own potential.

With her strong, caring character and heart for others, Live is helping people understand how to view anxiety in a way that lets them overcome it, understand themselves better and develop commitment and faith in themselves.

Through her own experiences and search for answers, Live discovered she could help far more people on a high level, by creating a global company, passionate to deliver information and quality teachings, and after months of planning and developing she founded her company "The Grateful Beginning".

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What do you want for your life?
How do you want to feel?
What would like to experience?

What is standing in your way?


What do you want for your life?
How do you want to feel?
What would like to experience?

What is standing in your way?

Let me help you get started.

Your starting point

Everything starts in your mind. To create changes and  transforming your life, you must take responsibility for where you are and begin to look forward instead of backwards.

Trust the process

You are ready for a new life, but are you ready to do the work? Create new habits, new ways of thinking, and create a new image of yourself, helping you forward in everything you do.

Experience Results

The best part about developing your mindset and achieving your goals, is who you become in the process. The awareness you gain can never be taken from you, as you keep developing resilience, confidence and commitment.

Who is this for?

The Individual Coaching is perfect for anyone who wants to step up their level of growth & confidence, overcoming anxiety, doubt and fear.

What are the benefits?

Through the 3-month coaching, working with Live as your private mentor and coach, you will learn to develop your mindset, going from a competitive way of thinking to developing your creative mind. You will learn to create the self image of the person you will love to be, and make decisions from a place of calm and confidence. You will learn to expand your awareness and dream bigger than you have ever allowed yourself to dream before.


Your Self Image is the starting point for everything you do. It determines how you feel, what you act on and what you will achieve.

To change your Self Image, you must change what you believe - the beliefs set deep in your subconscious mind, controlling your behaviour.

Anxiety comes from fear and always starts out as a worry. As we start to work on what you believe about yourself, you will find that many of those fears will fall away.

When the fear dissolves, the feeling of anxiety has no where to stay, and you will redirect that energy into positive emotions and ideas.

What are your goals? What do you really want? In order to transform from anxiety to desires and new results, you must become emotionally involved in something other than your fear.

What you focus on most of the time, will dominate your life. The thoughts you choose to think, determines how you feel.

  • Daily study & disciplines, developing specific parts of your mindset
  • Daily routines
  • Weekly intentions
  • Weekly wins
  • Weekly coaching sessions

  • Feedback on progress & goals
  • Daily accountability on study
  • Developing commitment to yourself
  • Taking responsibility for new results
  • Getting questions  answered about the process

  • Build confidence and self-reliance
  • Stop comparing, start creating
  • Dissolve anxiety and fear
  • Develop your intuition
  • Develop creative imagination in the goal achieving process