We empower individuals to elevate and accelerate their results by leveraging the power of the mastermind. 



Learn to be so committed you don't ever quit. Raise your standard, and stay persistent.


Accountability creates a disciplined and determined mindset, with the responsibility to follow through.


Gain valuable knowledge and guidance from mentors who have been through the process.  


Learn how to study effectively, and implement your new knowledge in your daily life immediately.


Build faith in yourself through awareness and understanding, rather than living in ignorance and fear.


Staying committed and diligent in the process, will speed up the progress and give you your desired results.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you fearful that betting on yourself will lead to failure...? Feeling disappointed if you don't reach your goals, loss of time, loss of confidence? 
When you hold on to those fears and doubts, you have no mental space or focus to actually create a winning mindset. 
Do you have big desires and dreams, but give up easily, because you don't know where to start or what is your next move? 
What if you had someone to mentor you, to guide you... who understood your doubts, but could guide you to progress and results?
What if you had a structure, and resources to successfully change your patterns and habits, to that of a happy, confident, successful person?
What if you could learn ways to upgrade your inner programming - to feel peace and gratitude, knowing you truly were on the right track?

Those fears and doubts  currently running the show, are your paradigms - your habitual way of thinking and acting. Simply put, this is how your inner programming operates inside of you.

 We are determined to help you change those paradigms, and create a winning mindset built on faith and awareness - guiding you towards big success and quantum leaps.

THE ELITE MASTERMIND MEMBERSHIP is the next level to accelerate your vision, your faith and to quantum leap your results.


Every week we deliver a study & mastermind call. This will set you up for the week ahead, with study materials, intentions and guidance for your daily and weekly actions. On these calls you have the opportunity to get feedback from your mentors and fellow members to stay accountable and committed.

Once a month we deliver a masterclass where we go deeper into a set topic. These are chosen specifically for you to speed up your process and growth. Your mindset is always developing, and these masterclasses are great tools to stay in the study. By the end of the year you have a library of masterclasses to repeat and work through.

Visualisation or visioneering will be part of your daily routine, and every month you get a new visualisation recording to develop your mental muscles. These will also be based on the monthly masterclass topic, and will add on to your growing library of resources.

We encourage you to be an active and engaged member of our community. You get access to our membership group 24/7, where you can reach out to your high performance mentors and other members, share inspiration, daily and weekly wins and hold each other accountable. 

You are limitless...

No matter where you’re at in your life or business, you have unlimited potential, living in a world of abundance. 

So WHY would you settle for anything less than becoming the extraordinary person you were designed to be?

All change is made with a decision, a committed decision to change. 

If you wish to CHANGE your life, YOU must change your life.

... to Accelerate your results!

"I am always learning something new from Live and Sarah! They are honest, authentic and knowledgeable. Together they'll guide you to be your best self, by showing you how to implement their teachings into your life."

Fiona O'Brien
Success Advisor for the Proctor Gallagher Institute

Your High Performance Mentors

  • Anyone who is ready to take Responsibility for their Results 

  • Anyone who is committed to change their Habits and get serious about the Process

  • Anyone who understand the importance of Mentorship in order to experience Quantum Leaps

  • Anyone who sees the immense value in Masterminding

  • Anyone who is Determined to go after their dream life, no matter the starting point

  • Anyone who is ready to Do the Work and follow Instructions

  • Anyone who wants to create a Positive Impact and understands their Limitless Potential 

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One Annual Payment

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  • Weekly study & mastermind calls
  • Monthly masterclasses

  • Monthly visualisations

  • High Performance Mentorship

  • 24/7 Membership community

  • Private mentorship call

  • Two months free 


Monthly Payment

£ 199/m


  • Weekly study & mastermind calls
  • Monthly masterclasses
  • Monthly visualisations
  • High Performance Mentorship
  • 24/7 Membership community

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